Unlock a 360°
Customer View & Power Marketing Growth

Utop Customer Data empowers businesses to gather, unify, and leverage user data to create a holistic customer view and drive data-driven marketing strategies.


Utop Customer Data

Unify customer data, gain actionable insights, and personalize marketing for stronger customer relationships and growth.

Graphic Unified Customer View
See all your customer data in one place. Break down data silos and get a complete picture of your customers.
Graphic Powerful Segmentation
Create laser-focused audience segments for targeted marketing campaigns that drive higher engagement and ROI.
Graphic AI-Powered Customer Insights
Leverage AI to gain deep customer understanding and predict future behavior for proactive marketing strategies.

Empower Your Marketing with a Single Source of Customer Truth


Streamlined Data Collection

Gather user data from all channels (website, app, POS)

Automatically generate behavior-based attributes

Import data from external sources.

Unified User Profiles

Create a single, centralized profile for each customer

Track interactions across all touchpoints

View standard, derived, and custom user attributes


Advanced Segmentation Tools

Build static and dynamic audience segments

Target users based on demographics, behavior, and events

Combine segments with AND, OR, and Exclude logic

Data-Driven Decision Making

Gain actionable insights from user data

Optimize marketing campaigns for better performance

Measure ROI and track key marketing metrics


AI-Powered Customer Insights

Receive intelligent alerts on customer behavior changes.

Predict churn and personalize experiences to boost retention.

Make data-driven decisions with AI-powered recommendations.

Why Choose Utop?

Graphic Diversify segmentation criteria
Segment your customers in any way you desire. Use pre-built templates or set up your own segmentation criteria.
Graphic No coding required
Precisely identify the individuals you want to target with simple actions, in just a few minutes.
Graphic Master your customers
Understand customers, utilize data to optimize and personalize marketing activities.

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